This series of work was created by Matias Corea, Chief Designer and Co-founder at Behance. The following series of images are of materials designed for Behance’s 99% conference.

Behance’s 99% Conference brings 400 leading creatives together for two days purely focused on exploring the mechanics of idea execution. Every year, we re-imagine and re-design all of the conference materials to give the event a fresh, dynamic look.”

For 2011, we chose Pantone 333 U as our official color, the inverse (on the color spectrum) of our usual 99% hot pink. For fonts, we selected Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ fonts Vitesse and Tungsten to use throughout all our materials.”

"With these tools in hand, we translated the 99% brand across a tabloid-size print brochure, an infographic poster, a tee-shirt, a city guide, name badges, and much more."

I’m particularly fond of the colour used, and I love the fact that this color has been used alone against black and white. Its really striking and very visually interesting. Also - Information Graphics - Always a winner with me :)

To look at the entire project: http://www.behance.net/gallery/99-Conference-Materials-2011/3872017

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